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Participation at the industry conference "Save Food Technical Solutions"

An international conference "Save Food Technical solutions" was held on September 20-21 in Lviv. More than 100 participants from 5 countries gathered to share new effective technologies in the packaging industry to prevent food loss. The conference was organized by the Packaging Club of Ukraine, Information and Analytical Centre "Upakovka" and the Ukrainian Printing Academy. IMMER Group has become the general partner of the conference for the eleventh time.

According to Irina Mirochnik, the IMMER Group President, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has developed a comprehensive strategy to reduce the amount of food waste by half until 2025 within SAVE FOOD Initiative.

"The scientific research has proven that flexible packaging is an important tool for reducing food waste. In partnership with the customers and partners, we are improving the packaging structure. Multilayered complex laminates are more profitable than glass and tin, and the correct choice of materials provides 100% recycling and is ideal for the most "intricate" products. Today we are developing the solutions for which the principle "Necessary and Sufficient" is used. Not a gram or a millimeter of packaging more than necessary is to be used. The product, which has a shelf life of only one month must be packed in the appropriate packaging. Protecting the product and protecting the environment is our goal," said Irina Mirochnik.

Sergey Kazantsev, the head of IMMER Group Marketing Department, told the conference participants about the ways to reduce the level of production waste, energy resources and logistics costs, and tools to protect against counterfeiting. "When developing packaging solutions, we are striving to ensure the maximum safety of the quality of products, and extend their shelf life throughout the supply chain from production to final consumption. This is a Must Have for us," said S. Kazantsev.

The latest technological innovations were presented to the conference participants by IMMER Group, “DOW”, “DuPont”, “Coca-Cola”, “Henkel”, “Kodak”, “Hewlett Packard”, “Markets Consulting Group”, “Demetra Odis”, “Videnska Kava”, “Bazis”, “Monopak” and “Uniprint”. The scientists from six Ukrainian universities reported on the new trends and scientific developments in the industry.

A round table under the name “Legislative Initiatives in the Field of Packaging and Its Waste” was also held within the framework of the conference. The proposals of the representative of “UkrPEK” and lawyers were crowned with a discussion and concrete legislative proposals.