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Irina Mirochnik: the goal of the packaging industry is closed cycle economy and innovations

On October 12, 2017 Kiev hosted the ISFP 2017 Conference (Innovative Solutions in the Field of Flexible Packaging 2017). The IMMER Group President, Irina Mirochnik, made a welcoming speech before the participants of the conference. The trends in the international packaging market, as well as the role of flexible polymer packaging among alternative packaging materials have been discussed at the conference.

Irina Mirochnik, appealing to the audience, noted that innovations are very important both for Ukrainian manufacturers and consumers of flexible packaging. "Producers are gradually integrating into the European market, and, in fact, today are already a part of the European packaging production structure and consumption of packaging. Therefore, a number of issues that are on the agenda are being solved together with the European partners," said Irina Mirochnik.

Irina Mirochnik spoke about the joint project of the European consortium of companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging, CEFLEX, in terms of which a closed cycle economy is being introduced into life. In this regard, the work is being done with the European government both in terms of attracting and implementing innovative knowledge throughout the production chain. Also, Irina Mirochnik expressed her hope for the victory of the European stand referring to regulatory documents that protect bona fide producers and citizens of the country from counterfeit and substandard products, as well as waste.

The ISFP 2017 Conference covered the current trends in the development of innovations in all significant sectors of flexible packaging production. The participants noted that such industry events could help the companies to receive reliable and valued information from the professionals.

Great importance was given to printing on flexible packaging. The HP Indigo representatives paid attention to the cost-effectiveness of the introduction of digital machines for printing on flexible packaging. They spoke about the success of introducing digital machines on the international market, and represented a new line of metallic inks that will be launched on the market in the nearest future.

According with the data of international analytical agencies, flexible polymer packaging materials are gradually increasing their market share, in comparison with metal- and glass-based packaging. This trend, thanks to the cost effectiveness and functionality of flexible packaging, will continue in the coming years. Together with this, technologies for production of films and flexible packaging materials will keep developing.

The conference was organized by Marco Pak in cooperation with Dow Chemical, IMMER Group and Nestlé. The trade journal "Mir Upakovki" has become an information partner for the event.