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In December, this year it has been 20 years since Irina Mirochnik took an executive position in the Ukrplastic Сompany, which became a foundation of the international group of Companies "IMMER Group". The company, she is in charge of, is a leading producer of flexible packaging materials in Ukraine and enters the list of the TOP-15 leading European manufacturers. 

“The most important in these 20 years were people around – colleagues, workers, partners, family. After all, the company would not have achieved what it has now without a solid team and partners. In work, I listen to reason and heart, follow intuition, driven by figures and my knowledge and knowledge of my colleagues, with whom I’ve been working together all these years. I am passionate about my work, because what we do is a creative work and it makes me happy. I highly appreciate my colleagues, I am proud of my daughters and my friendship with interesting people” – says with passion Irina Mirochnik.

20 years in a person's life is the time for which you can bring to live big ideas. Since December 1, 1997, when I. Mirochnik was elected as a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC Ukrplastic, over $100 million was invested in the development of innovative technologies and technological modernization of the production facilities of Ukrplastic. On the base of the existing at that times facilities the modern manufacture was created, which had no analogues. The company owns dozens of patented technologies in flexible packaging production, being one of the European leaders in the field of innovation. In particular, it was the first company on the market which introduced a number of new packaging products, which became traditional for certain food products. 

With the aim to increase the competitiveness of the company at the global level, to expand production capabilities in line with the latest technologies, in 2016 an enterprise in Europe was founded and an international group of companies "IMMER Group" was established. As of today the Group includes two production facilities for flexible packaging materials: IMMER Ukrplastic in Ukraine, IMMER Digital in Latvia and the design studio IMMER Design Studio. The Group offers a full cycle of flexible packaging materials production and the whole range of printing technologies, which in turn expands export horizons and reach the highest levels of the industry. 

For her professional contribution Irina Mirochnik was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine and the National Prize "Industrialist of the Year 2016". In 2017, Irina was recognized as one of the most influential women in Ukraine. Her work has been honored with such awards as the diploma of the Ministry of Industry of Ukraine, the honorary sign of the Employers' Federation of Ukraine "For Merits" and "Badge of Honor for Contribution to the Chemical Industry of Ukraine".

Irina follows the principles of sustainable development in business. She is an active member of the Board of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA), EAFA/FPE Sustainable Development Committee, President of the Flexible Packaging Association of Ukraine and the official representative of the UN SAVE FOOD Initiative in Ukraine. In addition, IMMER Group is a participant in such major global initiatives as the UN Global Compact and the CEFLEX consortium, a large-scale association of flexible packaging manufacturers that are building a new model of its life cycle for the new European closed cycle economy.

Irina received a PhD in Law, for her thesis "Legal Support for the Implementation of the European Integration Policy of Ukraine", as well as several monographs and dozens of publications on innovative development of high-tech industries in scientific journals and collections, socio-political and specialized media. Graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a diploma in Applied Mathematics, received a law degree at Taras Shevchenko National University, and graduated from the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with a degree in "Organization, Management, Planning and Regulation of Economy".

Irina maintains her inner harmony with the help of traveling and drawing on canvas. She derives the energy for the new achievements from active recreation like tennis, dances, music, hiking and skiing.