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The new Presidium members of the Association "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business" had been elected at the General Meeting on December 12. The elected Presidium consists of 12 TOP managers of leading agro-industrial companies in Ukraine, including IMMER Group president Irina Mirochnik.

"The only right way for sustainable business development is to consolidate joint efforts of all market players throughout the whole supply chain, starting from cultivation, processing, transporting, storing products and further on. In 2017, our R&D had conducted an extensive work on the application of biodegradable mulching films which can be used for crops cultivation. We plan to start its full-scale production and application the next year. And we will do this together ", - noted Irina Mirochnik, at the General Meeting.

As a member of the UCAB Presidium Board and a representative of global environmental initiatives, Irina Mirochnik plans to actively involve scientists, experts and industry professionals in pervasive problems resolving. Irina's work as an UCAB Presidium member will be aimed at further development and efficiency improvement of agrarian companies’ operations, by applying innovative solutions for the agro-industrial complex.

The development and implementation of the lasted national eco-friendly technologies in agriculture is a strategic business area of IMMER Group'. As a member of the UCAB and one of the participants in the agro-industrial value chain, IMMER Group contributes to the sustainable development of the sector. Developed by the company’s R&D biodegradable mulching films and flexible packaging solutions, help producers to reduce significantly food losses and waste at any stage of the supply chain.

As of today, the UCAB is the Association No. 1 in the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine, uniting more than 100 significant representatives of the industry. The activities of the Association cover almost all the processes of the agro-industrial complex, starting from HR, headhunting and attracting investments, ending with the policy-making process of the agrarian policy of Ukraine. For participants and members, UCAB is an effective platform where leading professionals, businessmen, who have great experience not only in agriculture, but also in other industries, gather.

To the new Presidium, together with Irina Mirochnik, were elected: Alex Lissitsa, CEO, IMC; Yuriy Melnyk, CEO, MHP; Sergiy Krolevets, Director general, Eridon; Dmitry Kravchenko, Chairman of the Board, LNZ Group; Dmitry Skornyakov, CEO, HarvEast Holding; Kateryna Rybachenko, CEO, Agro-Region; John Shmorhun, President, AgroGeneration; Simon Cherniavsky, General Director, MRIYA Agroholding; Oleksandr Pochkun, General Director, Baker Tilly Ukraine; Petro Melnyk, CEO, Agricom Group; Roman Shapoval, Regional Director, AGCO.