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April 2014

Irina Mirochnik: "We have established a Charitable Fund named after Oleksandr Galkin to continue his investment in the talented Ukrainian students". Presentation of the Charitable foundation named after Oleksandr Galkin took place on April 29 in Kyiv.

The Fund was set up to support talented students taking a great interest in science, to promote the development of the packaging industry and innovation economy sector in Ukraine. Another sphere of activities of the Fund named after Oleksandr Galkin is to protect the environmental rights of citizens, including the right to protect them from the poor quality of packaging materials, that are harmful to health.

According to Irina Mirochnik, the founder of the Fund, the main purpose of the charitable organization is to continue the social projects initiated by Oleksandr Galkin. "Oleksandr Galkin has dedicated his life to the development of independent Ukraine, a modern, powerful and competitive country in the international market. Thanks to his efforts, our country has become a leading exporter of flexible packaging materials in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, the CIS countries and South Africa. He actively promoted the professional and scientific education and training of personnel for the packaging industry in Ukraine and consistently defended the right of people to the ecologically safe environment. We will continue the implementation of these ideas and projects, investing in talented students, and the development of science and supporting environmental projects. Just in the same way as Oleksandr Galkin, we are focused on results, that is why we invite the representatives of business, academia, and the public to collaborate and urge to unite our efforts to develop the scientific potential of the youth of Ukraine", said Irina Mirochnik.

One of the first projects of the Charitable Fund was awarding the best students of the National University of Food Technologies with the scholarship named after Oleksandr Galkin. The scholarship has three degrees and is intended for full-time students of two faculties: engineering mechanics and packaging technology; automation and computer systems.

"Oleksandr Galkin always supported our students, and since 1999 paid scholarships to the best students, says Sergei Blazhenko, the NUFT professor. In addition, he sponsored the release of a few textbooks for students, and professors’ monographs. Therefore it is very important that today his work lives on. At the moment, together with UKRPLASTIC we have already begun working on creating a chemical laboratory at the university, which will allow the students not only in words but in practice to acquire practical skills in the profession."

Public Corporation UKRPLASTIC headed by Oleksandr Galkin from 1997 to 2013 is a strategic partner of the foundation. During this period the largest scientific and industrial complex with high technologies for manufacturing flexible packaging materials in the Central and Eastern Europe was built on the basis of the enterprise.


FOR REFERENCE: Aleksandr Galkin: the PhD in Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, member of the Management Board of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA), member of Panel of the Kyiv City State Administration. For outstanding achievements in the economic and scientific spheres he was awarded the I, II and III Class Orders of Merit. Innovator and talented scientist who received more than 20 patents for his own inventions. In 2013 by a joint decision of the Union of Chemical Workers and Central Board of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries of Ukraine, Oleksandr Galkin was awarded the Badge of Honor for his services to the chemical industry of Ukraine.