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April 2015

The European Industrial Association of Flexographic Printing (EFIA) named the winners of the 2015 Print Award. More than 500 European printing companies presented their samples to the independent jury. By the unanimous decision of the jury, UKRPLASTIC was awarded a gold award in the category "Printing on large-format material" and two silver awards.

According to Irina Mirochnik, Chairman of the Board of PC UKRPLASTIC, this victory testifies to the high level of the polygraphic base and the company's competitiveness in the world market.

"We are constantly working on improving packaging for each customer. Thanks to the professional competence of the team, including designers, technologists and printers, it was possible to create high-tech packaging with print quality that renders exclusivity to the packaged product, strengthens the customer's position, raises the sales level and the share of the brand presence on the market," said Irina Mirochnik.

UKRPLASTIC presented products produced with the use of unique patented technologies. To assess the proposed technology of special types of rasterized files, which improves the quality of the image reproduction of packaging, as well as innovation in the form of the use of information technology.

The jury consisted of leading specialists in the field of flexible packaging production, professors of leading universities in Europe who evaluated the quality of performance and innovation of technological solutions of the provided samples of products.

Recall that the EFIA Golden Award is highly valued by industry professionals and is the most authoritative for leading players in the market as it considers a special contribution to the development of printing technology and innovative achievements. More information on the link: