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Sweets, hard candies, chocolates, sponge cakes, biscuits, crackers
Household products
Detergents, cleansing agents for sewage drains
Frozen products
Frozen meat, fish, half-finished meat and fish, poultry
Whole and ground spices, spice mixes
Сhips & snacks
Potato chips, sunflower seeds, nuts
October 2015

UKRPLASTIC has received two main prizes of “The Best of the Best Packaging” at the 2015 Golden Cylinder Awards.

The sample package “Chocolate covered almonds” received emotional and flattering feedback from the Technical forum of the competition. The judges noted that the image of chocolate is so realistic that it sparks a desire to eat it. “This package is most attractive due to its use of laser engraving technology, connecting matte and glossy surfaces,” said the jury of the contest.

Experts praised the package for coffee “Nescafé Gold barista,” saying that it is ideal for the storage of the product. It is attractive in appearance making it a highly competitive product on the shelves of retailers. The jury noted the high quality of the reverse printing microtext, intelligent control of color space and a harmonious combination of technology and design.

In a rapidly changing environment, we continue to move forward to modernize and introduce new technologies. No matter what challenges dictate the market, we reaffirm our position, and show steady growth. Our victor in the competition is a result of the work of the whole team,” said Irina Mirochnik, Chairman of the Board of PC UKRPLASTIC.

The annual professional competition among printers was founded in 1981 by the Gravure Association of America (GAA). More than 500 printing enterprises in America and Europe competed in quality and innovative technology solutions. The evaluation of the contestants has been carried out by invited specialists and industry experts of world-renowned reputation. The main draw of the competition was to determine its pinnacle prize "The Best of the Best" among the winners in each nomination of the contest.