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January 2016

The UKRPLASTIC company has joined forces with the Union of dairy enterprises in Ukraine, holding a conference on the innovative flexible packaging for dairy products. It was attended by more than 50 domestic manufacturers of the industry, media, public, professional and governmental organizations.

As noted by Irina Mirochnik, the Chairman of the Board of PC UKRPLASTIC, Ukraine possesses all of the conditions for an increase in the exports of dairy products. «Our dairy products are competitive in the European and global markets. However, a qualitative leap forward in these markets is impossible without modernization. Investing in innovation is the only way for the survival and development of the dairy industry. Our experience in working with multinational players in the dairy sector has shown a high investment efficiency and impressive economic feasibility when replacing traditional forms of packaging with flexible packaging», said I. Mirochnik.

Representatives of UKRPLASTIC have demonstrated to the participants of the conference the key advantages of “smart packaging” and its additional features that provide for more capabilities of innovative packaging for milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and other products. They also spoke about the specific features of its use for individual product groups.

In its development, UKRPLASTIC has always emphasized the importance of making innovative packaging that is both environmentally friendly and safe to use. Flexible packaging materials that are manufactured by the company are environmentally friendly in their consumption and disposal. They do not contain harmful additives, contaminants, and comply with the international standards of the ISO, BRC, and FDA.

Lydia Karpenko, president of the Union of dairy enterprises of Ukraine, noted that what they had seen was a real revelation to most of them. “We thank Irina Mirochnik and the company UKRPLASTIC for this timely initiative. High-tech packaging solves a range of problems faced by domestic producers of the dairy industry,” she said.