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March 2016

UKRPLASTIC has held a seminar on “Innovative Packaging for Milk and Dairy Products” in the city of Jelgava, Latvia.

The event took place at the Latvian Agricultural University and was visited by representatives of over 40 companies of the industry that are interested in the development of new markets and business development. The seminar was organized and initiated by the Latvian Packaging Association, the company UKRPLASTIC, and Flexotech Corp Riga, Latvia.

Specialists of UKRPLASTIC, Dow Chemical, and J.S. Hamilton Baltic SIA spoke to the participants. Innovative packaging solutions and technological capabilities of flexible packaging for dairy products were demonstrated at the seminar.

An important emphasis was placed on the environmental safety of the use of such materials. Flexible packaging materials that are supplied by UKRPLASTIC are environmentally safe for consumption and disposal. They do not contain harmful additives or contaminants, do not create problems in the recycling of packaging waste, and meet the highest sanitary and hygiene requirements.

As an active member of the international SAVE FOOD Initiative, UKRPLASTIC has called for a joint search for effective ways to reduce food losses, to reduce human pressure on the environment and ensure respect for resources. According to Irina Mirochnik, President of PC UKRPLASTIC, the use of innovative barrier packaging is a promising way of achieving the objectives of this program. The organizers of the seminar did not only limit themselves to outlining theoretical data. The practical part of the seminar included an acquaintance with modern equipment for the research of milk and dairy products and a tour to a new laboratory and research complex of the Latvian Agricultural University.