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Innovative solutions in packaging bring new emotions

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, in Kiev the Creative Director of Business Development of IMMER Group Alexander Grivach spoke at Big Trade-Marketing Show, an international conference devoted to trade marketing.

The report was dedicated to flexible packaging as a multitask tool that solves a number of issues at each stage of the entire value chain. In his speech, Alexander talked about extending product shelf life by packaging update. He also stressed that buyers first judge how nice the product is and that 70% of decisions to buy are taken in the store. Thus, the role of packaging in the sale of goods is not limited only to design. Both the shape and functions offered by packaging are also very important. In addition, Alexander pointed out that we are controlled by emotions.

"Emotions are important for the consumer. They play a key role in making a purchasing decision. In such conditions, the manufacturer must choose the most appropriate emotion for his product or goods and bring it to the consumer. Taking into account the statistics, 4/5 of customers consider the external appearance of the product to be important in taking a decision to buy. Owing to packaging it is possible to increase exponentially the liquidity of product or an item of goods," said Alexander Grivach, the Creative Director of Business Development of IMMER Group.

The one-day conference was held in Kiev and gathered over 300 leading marketers, manufacturers, and retailers from Ukraine and abroad, including Moldova, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia and Belarus. More than 20 speakers shared their experience and innovative findings and prepared the up-to-the-minute reports with presentations.

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