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The three samples of packaging produced by IMMER Group have won at the XX National Contest “Ukrainian Star of Packaging 2018” and were admitted to be represented at the WPO Contest “WorldStar Packaging Awards” in October 2018.


The victory was awarded to a series of flow-pack packages for wet wipes “Alisa in wonderland” of TM SMILE Decor, 3D packages for coffee beans Kava zі L'vova and a package for a binary product of epoxy resin and hardener of the Latvian manufacturer Kompozītmateriāli SIA.


The jury of the National Contest “Ukrainian Star of Packaging 2018”, which included well-known specialists in the packaging industry, designers, and representatives of the contest organizers, have highly appreciated the advantages of the packaging material, its structure and design, as well as the performance function of the packages, their efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.


Each of the contest-winning samples has a special thing about. The package design for “Alisa in wonderland” wet wipes was done with Augmented Reality effect, which is activated with a special application. In a series of 3D packages for coffee beans “Kava zі Lvova”, the product personality of each package is emphasized by the unique views of the places where coffee beans were harvested. Those views are reproduced by digital printing on all four sides of the package. And the surface of the side faces of the package for epoxy resin and hardener displays the information about component A on one side and component B on the other, giving comprehensive instruction on the use of the product on the back side of the package.


This year's Contest “Ukrainian Star of Packaging” has collected 27 samples that were provided by 13 companies from 11 cities of Ukraine. The samples awarded at the National Contest will be presented at the WPO “WorldStar”, which will be held in October 2018.


IMMER Group is the absolute leader in the number of awards of the contest of Ukrainian Star of Packaging. Considering the results of the jubilee XX National Contest, the total number of the awards for the 20 years of the company's participation has come to 60 Stars.