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Changes in Ukrainian legislation regarding labeling of food packaging

Dear customers and partners! We would like to draw your attention to the changes in the legislation of Ukraine concerning labeling of food packaging. 

On December 6, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law “On information for customers of the food products”. This Law provides for amendments to the labeling of food products in order to harmonize the legislation of Ukraine with the norms of the legislation of the European Union.

The changes will affect both the information itself, which should be on the package, and the requirements for registration and ensuring the intelligibility of this information. The Law specifies the categories of mandatory information, as well as general requirements for information on food products. For example, the Law states that mandatory information about food products should not be hidden or distorted by other text or graphic image. The Law also affects the rules on font sizes – for example, the height of small letters without external elements, with the help of which it is determined, must be equal to or exceed 1.2 mm; for small packages (no more than 80 sq. cm) – the height of small letters should be more than 0.9 mm.

Despite the fact that the Law will come into effect 6 months after its signing, some of its norms will take effect immediately after publication.
We would like to draw your attention that any change in font size, change in the arrangement of textual or graphic information entails the creation of a new design. This, in turn, may affect the speed of processing and implementation of your orders. Transition to new layouts can create unplanned drains of old packaging, as well as affect the timing of production and release of new packaging.

We recommend that you carefully review the changes in legislation, consult with your lawyers and take into account these changes in your plans for the production and printing of packaging materials in the next year.

Our team is always ready for an open dialogue and joint search for the most effective solutions for packaging of your products.

Best regards,