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Sweets, hard candies, chocolates, sponge cakes, biscuits, crackers
Labels, sleeve labels, ready-made pouches for juices, water
Sauces & ketchups
White and red sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise
Hair-dyes, shampoos, liquid soap, bath salts, cosmetic clay
Pastas, cereals, flour, starch

Immer Group is one of the biggest global producers of flexible packaging materials, films and labels. The company was founded in 1927 and has been working at the crossroads of science and technology. We use the most advanced achievements of science and technology currently available. We aim to conduct mutually beneficial business with our partners and clients. We are always socially responsible, environmentally friendly and transparent.

We guarantee our customers the highest quality and expertise. We provide ready-made packaging solutions for any choice of equipment, the design development, and ending with the finished packaging. Our product portfolio includes flexible packaging materials made of single-layer materials and laminates, twist films, all kinds of pouches and labels, and shrink films for Multipack packaging. Our products are widely used for packaging food, beverages, cosmetics and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, household and construction chemicals and other FMCG products.

We are focused on sustainability, resource-saving, ecology, counterfeit protection, personalization and smart-packaging.


We are deeply studying the needs of modern business and strive to create products that become a competitive advantage for our customers in the market


  • Human life, health
  • Environmental protection, ecology
  • Social responsibility
  • Professionalism and development of the innovative sector of the economy
  • Openness and transparency of activities, including financial activity
  • High business standards
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork


The nature of our business and involvement in the value chain requires special attention to the safety and quality of our products. At the core of our development lies the concept of safe and reasonable consumption.

The products we develop and produce comply with the norms and regulations for materials that come in to contact with food (No. 10/2011, No. 1935/2004).

Our products contain only safe components that do not harm packaged products. The raw materials are designed and manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of EuPIA, XXVIII BfR, comply with the FDHA regulations on materials and products, and the requirements of the FDA regulation.

The safety of our packaging is regularly confirmed by EU Laboratories.

We are an official representative of the UN SAVE FOOD International Initiative, whose goal is to reduce the amount of food waste.

Social Responsibility

The company has created a model for socially responsible business. It works under the HACCP system, social protection of employees and compliance with social standards is regularly assessed by an international audit as part of the confirmation of compliance with the international OHSAS standard.

The company has become the first workplace for hundreds of young people. Students and graduates of universities, including KNUTD, Kyiv Polytechnic University (KPI), Kyiv Trade and Economic University (KTEU), the National University of Food Technologies (NUPT), and the Vavilov University of Economics, are undergoing practical training and internship at the production base of the company. The company finances the participation of students in international professional competitions. An independent trade union organization is actively working.